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Make the most of your 7' or 8' table with THE game of 4BALL.
This 4Ball game is not the splatter & hope;
it is the placement of shape and the pressing your opponent to match or better your out,
if they can't, the prize of winning is yours.
Mastering the skill of cue ball control is a form of art,
once mastered the appreciation and self-accomplishment are the prize,
because the pattern of play is duplicable, the measurement of success is recognized immediately, enjoy.

4 Ball Package No.6    

4 Ball Rack #4, Min. Width 39 1/2", Index Height(rail clearance) 1 13/16" - racks only - $300.00 USD

Rack Set #5 44" for a 8' table - Mahogany $425   With Adjustable ceiling rack, 8'- 9' $525

4 Ball Racks, travel case with score board. $649.00 USD

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