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Stow, Show and Go.

A 2x3 cue case that stows and shows your cue and ready to go for your next match.

Cases are all wood, a combination of exotic veneers and domestic hardwoods.
Case shape is formed as a comfortable carrying grip creating a 2x3 cue storage space. There is a long and a short grip style available.
Cues fit within an adjustable joint protector. Standard case set up is for a 29 1/4" shaft including tip and a 29" butt. +/- 1/8"
Overall dimensions: 4" X 2 7/8" X 34" up to 36" in length. Left or Right handed set-up
Case including Wall Brackets start at $350.00 plus freight.   options

Available Cases: #3     #4     #5    

Case wall brackets $25.00 per pair                 G-style Case wall brackets $35.00 per pair

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