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$50.00 Installed Sighted Ferrule + tip cost
Made from solid surface acrylic material. Durability - unknown - just put into play
Notable feature so far - No chalk residue on ferrule.
High impact strength, low stencil strength, like, drops to the floor. I have not tried to break this yet.

I changed the above ferrule to a larger one to see what the difference of play between a small tip
surface and the larger tip surface would be like. This new ferrule has been in play daily for approx. 45 days.
The above tip was a medium layered while the new larger one is a M/H triangle 14mm+ finished size.
The above larger tip has been in play for a few months now, decided to cut it down, about half of it, for harder hit.
Yes, it has a harder hit. Do I like it, time will only tell.
Oh, and I've been breaking with it as hard as I can without losing control.
I should have photo'd the before cut down look, the ferrule wasn't any different than now;
the tip was maybe a little rounded from scuffing between/for different colored chalks.
Did not care for the cut down, hard type of hit. Had a cuesoul medium tip handy, so I reinstalled one of those.
This brand/type of tip is what was originally used on this cues' acrylic ferrule. I like this set-up best so far, breaks good also.
Nicked the ferrule during redo, so had to take down the diameter a couple of thousands' to finish up.
Not this particular tip, I had one of these tips on another install where the tip delaminated at the red layer during the install.
Had just started the turn/clean up and pop, the tip popped apart with just a slight touch of the tool.
I glue it back on, back together, with a vinyl type of glue I've been using.
24hr. is required for a useable cure, and then finished up as normal.
The glue does not dry rock hard, having some flexibility when curd.

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