Billiards Crib   ... 4Play is how these roll.

This game of billiards, 4 ball, extends the playing range and challenges
of getting the most enjoyment of the smaller table.

4 Ball Rack #6 package for a 7' table: For Sale $590.00 + frt.   just completed 9.18.2017

Made in the USA professional grade, 2.25, 1.72wt billiard balls.

Beech indexes have 1.75" rail clearance that are adjustable for width on a solid Alder laminated rack 39 3/4" long.
Rack set No.6 for a 7'table, rack for racks is made of oak.

Maps: Starter set 12/24 maps of the 622 official rack and rated locations.
Paper print glued on 1/16" wood with top coated finish.

Paper Work: rules, score sheets, 622 official rack locations with rate,(rack strength)
All available on-line also.

"Line Of 9" Score Board with Card holder. Dry erase vinyl applied graphics on a plywood, black stained
clear coated distressed finish, veneered (satinwood), 14" wide x 31" tall x 1/2" thick Score Board.
Card Holding board: 6" x 31" x 1/2" thick
Wall blackets with pencil ledge made of poplar with a white stained finish are included.

There are 2 sides of the table, like table tennis.

Break apart pricing;
Straight Rack - white - $100.00
Little Bend - grey - 135.00
Big Bend - black - 155.00
Rack for Racks 85.00
Box of 5 commercial grade Billiard Balls 45.00
Initial package of 12/24 rack locations cards 50.00
Card holder board - line of 9 - 100.00
Score Board - line of 9 - 150.00
Totaling $820.00

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