Rocker Torque
Kinetic Energy Machines

The Rocker Torque Objective; is, the mechanized utilization of lumbers repelling strength while creating the attraction and delivery of
itself being environmentally natural (Neutral).

Torque Locker's can be adapted to the most remote-rural and suburban-urban locations.
Environmental footprint can be as low as 1000 sq. ft. requiring little infrastructure with no toxic or non-recyclable material after waste (life of service).

Atlas Slivers or SLIVERS; maturing carbon art: are made of laminated wood like the component-core of the Torque Locker. Purchasing slivers gives Rocker Torque the support while giving the buyer the physical position to hold and earn or trade. The maturing art designation is of two parts; 1st, the selected grain patterns from 3 different woods - Avodire, African Mahogany and Purple Heart are arranged in an identifying meme giving the Security that can be easily recognized - the Purple Heart sliver has a like UPC type of pattern. Secondly, discounting is calculated by the length of time from the purchase to maturity of the full face value of the sliver.
No two Ş Sliver's are alike.
Slivers gain additional value; a dividen from the zero CO2 regulated gas emissions production of electricity.

Why? Leveraged kinetics' without the use of fossil and mineral fuels or the very intrusive construction of solar and wind create the true
stand-alone independent source of electrical power at the sole discretion of the individual(s). Torque lockers' natural resources (the feed stock) are in abundance and all around us. It is gravity combined with the inspired sport-fitness conscience human and the mildly evil part requirement of the nonproducing on welfare or the unemployable and incarcerated people to do something for the money and/or lodging received, reducing the burden on the taxpayer while giving value to the dollar in the form of monetary equity.
1. The extreme sport/fitness of the individual(s) to use its strengths, leverage and balance to break at the pinnacle points of maximum leverage creates the thrill, the ultimate mid-evil carnival ride transfered to it's torque locker while coinciding these endeavors with the mass delivery of the collective,
the why for the real deal, the " $ Green Deal " for the public good.
Carbon Credit Bank: Once this repelling form of self-sustainable, fossil/mineral-less production of electricity becomes profitable and certified,
the issuance of a marketable carbon credit, also referred to as carbon offsets, would become a valuable security asset for
industry's with high energy consumption requirements.

The making whole: The value and the dividend returns of a Sliver (Ş) are not guarantee at this time.
However, SLIVERS will always be tradable among any two entities as a bearer of value.

Project Stats: The Rocker Torque target of application is to adapt the torque locker (artificial wind)
to currently built wind turbine's without the cost of the nacelle, towers and blades to produce electricity.
This initial Torque Locker is anticipated to churn, excite at a minimum, 1MW of power.


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