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Welcome to Entrepreneurial Board Gaming!
this event is where the mix of business and the pleasured art of gaming are staged. These events called "MarketZ" have been created for the sole purpose of stretching your advertising dollar and have some fun boardgaming in the 2nd economy.
It's simple, trade & play promoting your company or classified listing, getting twice the bang for your buck!

To Ask Queations with Fellow Trade and Play Entrepreneurs

from the author...,
    Trade, being the most universal element of the world, it's not hard to understand why the principle of buying low / selling high or the creating of products & services to fill a need for a profit, have long been the motivation for our standard of better living. This great combination is what creates the growth of our economy. Understanding this, answer's why it's been said that "Money", what we keep score with, is the mothers milk of our sucsess. Information today merged into hypertext does present an economical avenue for everybody with desire to participate in this world's 2nd economy... how?
    The stage is set, at a low cost for you to enter and participate in an market-oriented, gaming-style board of play. In real time, trade with unlimited others to promote, game and maximize your return on "marketZ" investments. Although the board money has absolutely zero value outside the boundries of TRAFFIC, it does have accumulated value in the TRAFFICPX "virtually anything tradable on the World Wide Web".
Enjoy gaming where the odds are with you!
Keep it in "Play"
Dan Ballheimer


Snail Mail:
MarketZ Media
30 Thousand Oaks
Conway Ar. 72032


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The assumption here is your a boardgamer or self-employed, or both. You can be the representative of a business, or have a small business on the side, and wish to trade & Play as an advertiser/broker. You may also, as a personal classified choose to sell, trade, buy, or announce an event, political campaigns or blogs as a subscriber/off board player. This is basic marketing with a return twist, we the host choose to set aside min. of 50% up to 85% of your advertising cost as prize money for your trade and play
Trade-outs are made in the

Each one of your Images can be linked to different pages within your website for,
Specials, Promotions, ect.
Your image linked pixel sizes are;
3 @ 129px X 61px: (1) located in the page marquees &
(2) Conclusions of Rolls Report.
(Board of Play)
1 @ 155px X 80px: Brokers/advertisers stats postion
(Board of Play)
1 @ 154px X 29px: MarketZ Summary
+ a listing in the Traffic PX.

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What's this all about?

Entrepreneurial Boardgaming!

The moves of 24 markers (the Advertisers/Brokers pawns, each having two) on
the big board, triggering the opportunity to buy and sell stocks, and/or play
modified casino games.
12 of the 24 stock offerings are casino stocks.
When a C R A P S game is triggered the majority holder of the casino stock
where the craps game is located covers the wins & losses.

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Advertising your company assures you a brokers position.

As an advertiser you have the ability to market
your products and services by promoting in TRAFFIC™.
As an stock offering, advertiser and a gamer your advertising fee
intitles you if you choose, to the role as a stock broker.
The advertiser / stock broker being one of the same are one of 12
advertising slots available per MarketZ for the small business
and ideally the hobbiest with those unique products.
A TRAFFIC™ membership is a networking business, so it would be perfect.
The bulk of the advertising dollar supports the "MarketZ" central bank.
The Advertiser /Stock Broker earns commission
from the stock trades of

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Subscribe your classified ad and recieve the
Conclusion of Rolls Report.

The second of two ways to get in the market is to subscribe to receive the

Conclusion of Rolls Report
The "Conclusion of Rolls" referred to as C/R's are the required information
tool necessary to engage in TRAFFIC™.
Subscribers referred to as "Off Board Players", can buy and sell stocks, and
play any of the casino action that the activity of the
12 brokers 24 pawns trigger.
Off Board Players can trade all stocks that are in play with any other
Off Board Player and/or Broker at any price, and at anytime.

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YES You should! A Member at best a guest at the least.
Guest are the guest of a member. Once your registered you can purchase a
Advertising package or you can Subscribe to the market of your choice.
A membership directory is available for you to select a number for your orders.
has it's privileges!! Charter membership are $150.00
Memberships are positioned for income and growth from the activity of  TRAFFIC™.
If you understand the concept of "invest a little cash & time" to create the opportunity to make money,
T H E   F U N   W A Y
Traffic Logo

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Yours is working for you!

$ How the Money Works $

Your advertising and subscriptions support 100% of each "MarketZ" central bank.
The board earns a commission on central bank withdrawls, all stock trades, and gaming wins.
The one receiving the cash pays the commission.
"When you make money the board makes money".
BROKERS (-10%)     SUBSCRIBERS (-10%)Min. up to as much as (-15% & -10%).
If at market close there is money remaining in the central bank, a
(10%)Traffic Commission is earned and the balance is carried over to the next
available opening market.
J u s t   B e   T h e r e !

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Ya Gotta have It!

" Conclusion of Rolls Report
No insider trading here! EVERYBODY has the identical report.
This information with $5000 in "Board Money" included gives you the
tools needed for all TRAFFIC™ activities.
Played live TRAFFIC™ is determined by the extensive use of dice
in all categories. A simulated version of the BIG BOARD which shows
all the moves of the Brokers 24 pawns, and the games in play
(bingo, lotto, modified casino play).

Conclusion of Rolls
Report: Consist of but not limited to,
Rules of Engagement; All markets have similar ground rules but,
brokers are a voting block. First approved by the commissioner the brokers
can vote by a simple majority to modify or extend a rule.
All stats on Brokers and Off Board Players; Cash on hand/Debt, Stocks owned,
results of previous trades, and options on new Rolls.

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The Stock "MarketZ" For EVERYBODY!!!

"Why" the Cost?

Cause & effect of your money is keeping it in play. While there are many options available, you can keep it simple. That is, your either advertising your website or a page that's built for you, or your gaming and the marketing of your product or service is just a bonus. Understand, your minimal expense buys both! Everyone enters in a MarketZ of choice, and at the same level,
which is at [LEVEL 1 value: $1000=$1 (us)].

As Low as $12.00 an issue for a 12 month subscription.
MarketZ Sponsors as low as 45.00 for a 10 issue commitment.

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