2 in a row, feeling good so I'm going to press a little bit - tightening up my line strength,
rack #164 | rack strength 2 1/2. Align this rack as shown.
Place the straight rack at a "in" sight and set the object balls inward towards the center. Then, on the same side of the table place the straight rack at the mid-sight with object balls loaded towards the head of table.

On the rack strengths and the line strength - It is the second measurement of the game. Overall you want a high point total with a low "tight line". If you are challenging your line with someone else, the difference in the line strength has additional point value when totaling the final score. There is a 4.5 point value on every 1 degree of rack (line) strength difference.

Would of liked a little more on that.

Bank it or cut it and; should I BANK my points? for me 50/50 on this shot.

Mark down your misses, they're easy to forget if you let it go.

If I were to of scratched their it would of been an additional -2 point deduct.

Because of, not, BANKing my points, this frame scores 1+2+4-1-1=5.
Add 5 points to the previous frame of 15 +5
adding 20 points to the 3rd frame - totaling 50

Add the 5 points in the fourth

On to the next frame continue

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