I'll go with the same as the last frame,
rack #277 | rack strength 3. Align this rack as shown.
Mirror a in/out rack at the inside sight on opposite sides of the table.

I'll go with the 1-ball. All it takes is a nice little pop-draw - pushing to my left for shape on any of the 3 other Object balls.
Up to you if you want to keep in mind that your working on a perfect previous frame - adding to it with this shot.

Perfect, having good angle on all 3 remaining balls.
When ever you can; clearing one side of the boundary's is a good thing - more playing room.
I'll take the 8.

4-ball is closer to the center line making it Out of Bounds.
1+2=3. So for thats 3 more points added to the previous frame.
Have great shape on the 2

Looking good...

This 3rd frame is worth 1+2+4+8=15, add this to the 2nd frame of 15 points, making the posted score of the second frame 30.

On to the next frame continue

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