Choice of the next rack is,
rack #277 | rack strength 3. Align this rack as shown.
Mirror a in/out rack at the inside sight on opposite sides of the table.

I'll go with the 4-ball
Pocketed the 4-ball with good shape. I'll take the 2-ball for my second shot.

Made the 2-ball with good shape on the 1.
The table cleared of object balls on the one side "it" has no Out of Bounds.

This shot sets up well for shape on the 8-ball.

wow, over did it on my intended finish(shape), however I'll take it.

Made it. Making the 4th ball without a miss is important - 8 points and it keeps the frame open for points from the next rack.
1+2+4+8=15 points plus points from the next frame. Up to another 15 points. So, do not fill-in this frame yet.

On to the next frame continue

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