Doing a line with a "Quick Straight Rack"

Grab a spare cue and some masking tape.
Place the cue over the galley portion of the table with the cue tip atop of a rail sight.
Eye ball or measure 3 equal spaces between the rails and mark with masking tape a couple inches long wrapped around the cue.
You now have a straight 2 or 4 ball rack

rack #273 | rack strength 3. Align this rack as shown on the "in" sight with cellspacing="0"> object balls on the inside, closest to the side pocket.

Place an 11" piece of masking tape atop the table and draw 10 boxes spaced equally apart. Fill in your choice of rack and mark down its strength.

Your ready to go.
Notice 2 things; the center line and the out of bounds line.
Play begins with ball in hand between the outer edge of the object balls.
The Objective; pocket all 4 balls without a miss for a perfect score.
The cue ball must always finish in bounds of the object balls for play to continue.

Lets shoot.

I'll go with the 1ball. Made it with not the best shape.

Slash and fill in upper left of the first square (rack/frame) for one point.

Went for a slight cut on the 2-ball and missed.
The object ball finishing closer to the center line is the new Out of Bound line for that side of the table.
Staying in bounds on a missed shot play continues.
Can not miss 2 shots in row for play to continue.

Mark - an open slash as a miss on the 2nd ball shot.

My next shot will be the 2 in the corner, easy enough. Cue ball must finish between the 4 and the 8 for play to continue.

Not good. +1 -2 = 0

On to the next frame continue

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